Northern Virginia 

Available To Meet Most Evenings At Your Place Within A Radius That Includes:


Diamond Bar, Newport Beach, San Clemente, Temecula, and Palm Springs


I Will Also Occasionally Be Available To Host In Those Same Areas


----- 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 -----

A Ninety Minute Commitment Is Always Required

Depending On Travel Time And Other Factors, That May Vary

But It Is Not Negotiable



So I know you’ve been wondering about my next trip to.

The bad is news is that there won’t be one.

Not for a while.


It’s a good thing though.

Not a bad one. 

I hope you’ll be happy for me.


I have a chance to work in my dream industry,

alongside a respected member of it,

and someone I respect a lot.


I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

Plus she knows all about my ties to the hobby and could care less.


I’m not saying I won’t be back.

Just not anytime soon.

I can’t be gone from work long enough for flying out to make sense.

But I’ll have a little more flexibility in about six months.


Hopefully you won’t have forgotten me by then. 

Xoxoxoxoxo, Adriana



Please Check Back For Further Updates