November 28th and November 29th



November 30th and December 1st



December 1st and December 2nd

San Francisco


December 12th and December 13th



December 14th until December 16th



dinner date

I like good food and great conversation . 

But a dinner date could encompass so many other things.  

A drive through the country.  Tickets to a game.  A picnic near a waterfall. 

Twenty year high school reunions are always fun. 

Wink, I guess the deciding factor is your "appetite".    

Three hours gives us about 90 minutes of public time with 90 minutes back at my place ($1050) or yours ($1150) for dessert.


Four hours gives us about two hours of enjoying the sights, sounds and/or tastes along with two hours of private fun... place ($1300) or yours ($1400). 


I really  prefer that you pick me up at my hotel instead us meeting up at the restaurant. Though I'm somewhat flexible on that.

couples fun

Just an hour really seems silly.

The two of you know each other.

But it's not long enough for the three of us to develop a rhythm of our own.


Ninety Minutes...$1500

Two Hours...$2000

Ninety Minutes Plus Dinner...$2000


It's sometimes difficult to set rigid and unchanging considerations for overnight or extended engagements. 

Is there a flight involved? 

Lodging expenses? 

How many hours will we have together. 



But the customary starting point is $3000 and from there we can figure it out.