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the interview

How Would You Describe Yourself?

I'm just the average all American girl next door.  My mom's not an alcoholic.   My dad didn't run off on us.  My Uncle Peter never asked me to touch his weener.  Hell,  I don't even have an Uncle Peter. 


Why are you surprised?  I'm a girl of my generation.   We've been wearing thongs since we were eleven and we want everything now.  Besides,  didn't you know?  Oral isn't sex.



What's Your Favorite Color?

Pink, so many great things are...

Your Favorite Bands?

Red Hot Chili Peppers & Green Day 

What's Your Greatest Talent?

I've been called a natural born athlete.

Most Embarasssing Moment?

That's really tough to answer.   I don't embarrass easy.   I'm much more likely to just roll with life. 

Your Most Prized Possession?

Don't judge me; my Louis Vuitton handbag.

Your Favorite Place?

Disney World; there is no better place to forget about your worries and be

a kid for a day.

Favorite Actor Or Actress?

Johnny Depp; The way he brings his characters to life is unreal. He never fails to

surprise me.  He can go from Capt Jake to a physco killer and you still love him. 

What's Your Biggest Vice?

This amazing King Kong sunday from this awesome place called the Sugar Factory. 

What Your Friends Say About You?

That they never leave their boyfriends alone with me .  Once  I overherad one claim that I'm the kind of girl  who would sleep with your man just to annoy you,  or amuse myself, or because I was bored.  I think that's so funny because I would never do that.  Well, not unless he was really hot.

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