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Your Favorite Food?

I'm easy to please...really good tacos and seafood.

Favorite Thing To Do In The Dark?

Way too many to list here.  That needs a whole page, at least.

What Are Your Thoughts On Relationships?

My thoughts on it is very simple. Relationships are beautiful. Especially if you're with someone wonderful. You have to give and take. It also shows you a different point of view on life. You can learn new things and experience a whole outlook on life. Even if things end up awful you still can learn from it.

Phrase you're most tired of hearing?

"Who's your daddy?"

I hope you've learned a little about me; explore the other pages of this site and you'll learn even more.

I did have a little help with this site

(Victoria & ya much)

But the thoughts and ideas are mine alone .

Adriana Novák

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