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My friends are always asking what kinds of things I like to do?

What things I don't enjoy? 

Here is an "excerpt" from one of my favorite erotic short stories. 

Maybe reading it will give you some idea:



I was in a voyeuristic mood so I asked Adrian to lie back and touch herself while I watched from  the armchair placed near the foot of the bed, leaned back, and readied myself for the show.  But it turned out that I wasn't as patient as I thought and my urge to join in completely overwhelmed me.


I eased into the big king bed for a closer look. But it wasn't more than a minute or two before I'd buried my face between Adriana's thighs. She was already covered in her own juices.  I was driven wild by the taste of her and the sweet aroma of her womanhood.  Before long my face was covered in her nectar too, she was cumming like she meant it, and I was hard as steel.  

Adriana reached down and pulled me up, pushed me onto my back, and took me in her hand  in a way that itself caused my "anticipation" to grow even.  She has the fullest lips, the wettest mouth, and an expert tongue.  They are all weapons she knows how to use.  I knew before meeting her that neither CIM nor facial were in the cards.  But I never missed them.  In fact, all I could think of was,  "My god, it doesn't get any better.  Where did she  learn things this? "    


Afterwards, Adriana and I just snuggled for a while massaging each other, kissing, touching, and chatting...allowing my dead  batteries time to recharge.  She seemed really interested in what I had to say.  That was  a real turn-on for me.  She said that she loved the taste of her pussy on my tongue.  That was the trigger and that fast I was ready again. 


She noticed my "rebirth",  and without  once breaking eye contact she covered me up and guided me in.  As we began to move I could feel all the muscles of her secret place tightening and relaxing against my erectness.  We settled into a delicious rhythm, each new stroke was better than the last.  It took every bit of willpower to keep from cumming.  


Somehow I found myself on my back with Adriana slowly easing herself down on me.  She leaned forward so that I could lick her nipples. The face she made when I!  If that wasn't genuine, then nothing is.  Before either of us realized what was happening we were both cumming again.  Together this time.  If any of the rooms on either side of us were occupied, there is no doubt that they heard us.  There is also no doubt that neither of us cared.



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