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Miranda Blount And Katie Hughes

The Difference Bewteen Girls Who Like Girls And Girls Who Only Pretend To
We decided to  just keep this a secret until we got here. 
The secrets out.

Hi.  My name is Katie.  I guess it's kind of obvious that I'm a friend of Mirandas.   I don't have my own site yet, but maybe by tomorrow or Monday.


It would probably be better if I said something like, "Miranda talked me into it".  But that would be a lie.  Maybe you'll think bad of me for being honest, but I didn't need much convincing.


There isn't much room here but real quick, I grew up between Louisisna  and San Francisco.  We were just like normal people.  I was probably a little bit too indulged.  Might be why I refuse to wait tables.  On top of that, I don't think the uniform would go well with my Louboutins.  Lol.


I was kind of hoping that my first time doing this would be something I could do with Miranda.  I'm no wallflower but moral support is always good.  Besides, we love it anyway.  And it wouldn't it really be kind of hot?


Of course, that kind of requires your acquiessence.  We talked it over.  We like an hour at $550 or two hours at $1000.  We forgot to bring toys so if you're into that you'd need to pick up some new ones on your way over.


OK, typing that was really weird.  I'm done.  I hope you come over later.  For now, the best way to contact me is through an email to Miranda.  It might be a good idea to put  "Double Trouble" or "Meeting Katie" in the subject line.  See you later!


Katie Hughes



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